12th May international Mothers Day

International Mothers Day honors the status of women as mothers in Islamic faith, as described in the Qur’an and Hadith. Mothers are considered a universe in whose glow shines manifestations of Lord’s mercy, power, and lordship. They are considered heaven and hell for children, and their honor is unquestionable in our societies. Mothers are celebrated in various forms, including writing, publishing, and speaking. The Qur’an and Hadith highlight the importance of mothers in Islamic culture.

There is no end to the surprises

1. There is no end to the surprises we can uncover from studying the fourteen hundred years of Islamic literature about the high status of women as mothers in Islam. The Qur’an and Hadith define motherhood as a kind of heaven and hell for children; there is no example of a great mother. The honor of a mother is an indisputable reality in our civilizations, even in this advanced age. We compose poems and sing them, write books, publish papers, and give speeches praising him. Many people are overwhelmed by recalling their mothers.

 2. In accordance with Islamic belief, a mother is just a mother; she does not require a large family, a college degree, outward attractiveness, or a certain position. She has her own role that she does not owe to anyone, regardless of whether she is the mother of the first-born prophets, the mujahids of the common ummahs, the simple muqlids, the young Alexanders, or the impoverished and defenseless common people. Mother herself is a universe in whose glow shines the manifestations of Lord’s mercy, power and lordship.

His love is a hatch before the loves of centuries past. Mothers Day Positions in the ministry and presidency hold no value in his eyes. In face of his love, all the square factories in the world are worthless.

Mothers Day
Mothers Day

A Mother Prayer are Greater then Shaikh Zaman

 3. Not on just Mothers Day A mother’s praise is more valuable than large prizes, her shoes are more elegant than an emperor’s palace, her prayers are greater than Sheikh Zaman’s prayers, and her wrinkled face is more lovely than all the color and scent of the world. A mother’s lullaby is more beautiful than all the waterfalls on earth, her cradle is more beautiful than the earth,Mothers Day her love is more exquisite than all the lovers in the world, and her lap is more secure than hundreds of priceless calves. More subtle than any swing, mother’s lesson is more brilliant than age-old lessons.

mothers Day In islamic law the right of

4. In Islamic law, the rights of the father and the mother are frequently mentioned jointly. Let’s examine the authority they possess over us: Whether their children are foster, stepchildren, or their own, parents have a great right to be treated with respect. It is against the law to refer to them by name, use their name, say derogatory things about them, or speak words that reveal them. He is entitled to punishment, none of his worship is accepted, prayer behind him is not permissible, he deserves a severe judicial punishment according to the crime,Mothers Day it is forbidden to have any kind of relationship with him, he died as an unbeliever. There is a serious risk.

5. Parents have a great right to obedience; they ought to be regarded as their masters. They have to be present and answer the phone whenever someone calls, and they have to obey everything that does not violate Sharia law. If they live far away, it is a traditional obligation to visit them. It is direct instruction to visit them and speak to them in a gentle manner.

Love and affection

6. Love and affection are also a parent’s fundamental rights; a person should have these feelings in their heart, show them kindness and gratitude, and the reward of a perfect Hajj is a single loving glance at their parents. Standing up for them when they arrive is a nice deed, and kissing their feet is a reward.

7. Service is also an obligatory right of parents. Its reward is greater than post-natal Hajj and Jihad. You ought to enjoy anything you enjoy for yourself to others as well. They ought to feel completely relieved. Without their request, all of their needs ought to be met. It is mandatory to treat parents decently, regardless of whether they practice Islam or not.

Then, the mother’s right is primarily to serve, and the father’s is to be courteous and respectful. As an illustration of the service, if four thousand are to be offered to them both, the mother should receive three thousand and the father should receive one thousand. If both of them ask for water. If so, the mother should be fed first, then the father. The example of politeness and respect is such that one can talk frankly with the mother, but too frankly with the father is not allowed.

8. Mothers Day In Islam, one of the most significant Shariah obligations for pleasure in this life and the next is to serve one’s parents. If the children have access to the needs of life, it is not acceptable to abandon the parents who are in need of care and relocate to another country or city, unless their consent is obtained and plans are made for their complete assistance.

If the parents are impoverished

9. If the parents are impoverished, their maintenance is required on the children. It is not permitted for the children to force them to earn even if they are able to earn. Their maintenance is not wajib, but yet it is ethically required to conduct utmost service for them in order to receive prayers and beautify the hereafter. Whether they are married or single, sons and daughters alike are obligated to serve their parents. The married daughter is required to serve her parents if they require her assistance and they do not have any other servants.

The husband must voluntarily grant permission for her to serve. Furthermore, the daughter won’t be discovered on the Day of Judgment if he withholds his consent.

10. Mothers Day It is not acceptable for the kids to stop their parents from getting married again. If the father can’t cover his second wife’s expenses, the wealthy children must still pay.

Old Age Houses are not in accordance in islam

 11. Old Age Houses are not in accordance with the mood of Islam. The service of needy parents is obligatory on the children, and if they are not, on the heirs and relatives. As a result, it is acceptable to force them to live in old age homes and not to serve themselves. do not have . Yes ! If there is such a situation that neither children nor heirs are present.. or they are present but due to limited resources they do not have the Shariah power to pay their rights, then after taking permission from an authentic Mufti, they should be married. The house can be transferred, but still the responsibility remains to keep meeting and informing them continuously.

Do not call someone’s parents bad by calling them bad

12. Islam is that wonderful religion that requires parents to have their rights upheld even after they pass away.It is obligatory on the children to arrange their bath, shroud, funeral prayer and burial after their death. Keep asking for forgiveness for them regularly.Mothers Day Keep giving them the prize of good deeds and generosity. It is better that the reward of every good deed should reach them and all Muslims. Ask your family and supporters for assistance if you lack the bravery to complete the task on your own. If there are any Shariah obligations left on them, then you should try to pay them.

For example, if you haven’t done Hajj, change the Hajj. If they haven’t fasted, prayed, or offered Zakat Ushar, they must atone. He should fulfill all his valid bequests as much as possible. If the bequest is for more than a third of the wealth, it is best to finish it by consensus or by his own son. There is any Shariah problem in it. Be present at his grave every Friday and recite Surah Yasin to give reward. Whenever you pass by the grave, offer salam and fatiha. Always act with respect and dignity. Do not call someone’s parents bad by calling them bad. Don’t commit sins that will cause them to suffer in the afterlife.

13..Islam honors women with the above-mentioned dignity and rights as a mother, while the way in which the rights of women are trampled in the western civilization may not be found anywhere in history. In Islam, the rights of women are determined by God, who is the creator and owner of everything, including women, and is also well aware of the results and consequences of everything. But in the western civilization, these rights are determined by the desires of the philosophers, lawyers and rulers with their limited and inferior intellects. Therefore, they have strayed from the right path and are victims of inflation.

Islam grants women the freedom

14. While Islam grants women the freedom to live as women with dignity rather than as machines for profit, western culture denies this right and forces women to live as men. In the name of rights, she misleads him and results in a variety of losses for him. Now when the lady would come back fatigued after giving outside responsibilities all day or all night, how will she be able to manage the household affairs? ?

She will be able to shower love on her husband and children, who will attract the hearts of various people in offices, buses and ships. Think for yourself which woman is in freedom and ease? A self-earner or one who earns everything decently while sitting at home.

15.. The fact is that Western civilization has taken away the freedom of women in the name of freedom and killed her alive in the name of “self-living”. It has been given. It has been placed in the service of everyone else rather than the sacred ties. It has taken away the great, holy and beautiful form of a mother and given it a mean and ugly form like a maid, reception secretary and showpiece.

16. Therefore, it is accurate to state that the false western civilization has driven the woman insane, fulfilled her destiny as a homemaker, removed the veil from her head, and robbed her of compassion and love. It has also staked his chastity and enhanced his beauty.

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Written by: Professor Aoun Muhammad Saeedi Mustafavi, Jamia Nizam Mustafa Bahawalpur

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